Raise positive vibrations and ward bad vibes away from you with a 5000 years old mysterious gem 
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From: Jamie
Where: The Universe

Dear Conscious Creator,

I know your time is precious, but I'll get this out real quick. 

If you have been feeling discouraged or feel trapped in a negative cycle, like a ball rolling down from the mountain..

And no matter how much you try, you're just spinning down helplessly and even deeper into the valley.

Now, you're not here by chance. I just want to let you know there's a beautiful gift I've always wanted to hand it to you. 

5000 years of Ancient Protection

You know..I've been thinking of a present to greet you..something that fits in perfectly well with your heart and spirit.

This mysterious gem is none other than The Hamsa Miracle Pendant..a 5000 years old symbol is a universal sign of protection that helps to raise your vibrations to attract good luck and ward toxic energies and experiences far away from you.. 

Most importantly, it helps to raise your overall vibrations. Once you're in a higher vibrational field of energy, you'll start attracting people who are in the same alignment as you..people who aligns to your life compass.

This pendant is a beautiful reminder to manifest a better life than now, to open up to yourself and to protect your inner circle.
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Oh yesss, something about the Hamsa i REALLY adore as my gift to you.. do you know that each finger in The Hamsa sign embraces a unique energy to them?

Thumb (Fire element)
Forefinger (Air Element)
Middle Finger (Ethereal element)
Ring Finger (Earth element)
Pinky Finger (Water element) 

It is said that the interplay of these powerful energies help to ward off negative emotions and destructive energies, allowing it’s owner to find light among darkness.                                         
With the 5 fingers pointed down, it symbolises pure goodness and blessings coming down to the wearer. 

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by negativity, wear this Pendant close to your heart know that you are in control of your situation. 

Unexpected blessings will start pouring into your life once you're aligned with the frequency of The Universe and finally be magnetic to abundance that you longed for.

Your Energetic Vibrations..
We are all capable to vibrate energetically at a specific frequency. If you ever had times where you keep attracting negative vibes, cynical people, financial problems, mental confusion and relationship issues..

That's when you're stuck in a vicious loop of low vibrations. When you raise your vibration you're able to ascend to a state of higher frequency..attracting people and events that you truly deserve in life.

The Hamsa Miracle Pendant is able to raise your personal vibrations almost instantaneously
and help you experience a greater clarity of your personal power, peach and joy. 

You are the energy you attract. Know that you have the power to choose to absorb or repel any emotions or energies from others. Do not settle for anything less.

The moment has come for you to receive your blessings!
But wait..Can I bless you with 2 more Bonuses?
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Bonus #1 (Worth $47)
Raise Your Personal Vibration eBook

  •  Learn how to Raise your Personal Vibrations to allow The Universe to respond to your needs
  •  Release childhood limiting beliefs that are subconsciously holding you back from manifesting freely
  •  Gain Empowerment and Feel Powerful when your energy, vibration and calling are in alignment!
  •  Discover 5 vital Manifestation Techniques for people who does not know how and where to start

Hamsa Miracle Pendant
 (Worth $67)

  • Wear this 5000 years old ancient symbol on your neck,  believed to attract happiness, good luck and fortune to those who it's owner
  •  The Five fingers in The Hamsa Sign also each represents a different energy: Thumb (Fire element), Forefinger (Air Element), Middle Finger (Ethereal element), Ring finger (Earth element), Pinky Finger (Water Element)
  •  The interplay of energy helps to wards off negative emotions and destructive energies from the world..
  •  With the 5 fingers pointed down, it symbolises goodness and blessings coming down to the wearer.
We are giving away 500 sets as our launch special, offer will cease when fully redeemed.

Bonus #2 (Worth $37)
Energy Manifestation with Crystals eBook

  •  Tap into the Powers of Crystal Healing to Restore Balance to your Energy, Wellness and Vibration (Use it together with your Hamsa Miracle Pendant!)
  • Discover Which is your Personal Crystal That Can Bring Forth Transformation Manifestation Journey
  •  Dramatically Raise your Intuition and feel Overall Happier and more Relaxed.
  •  Pair it with The Hamsa Blessing Pendant and explore the various Holistic Methods to Effectively use Crystals into your Lifestyle.
Total Value: $151
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Look what others are saying!
"I love this piece of necklace, it goes well with everything and somehow it has a very empowering feeling whenever I wear it. I feel that I am glowing from within!!" 
-Teresa, United States
"Shipping was fast and item packed nicely :) it was consistent with the description. Absolutely beautiful and shiny! I 100% enjoyed my free digital reads that come with the necklace as well. Just so much value."
-Joanne, United Kingdom
"Soooo many compliments whenever I wear this out, I loved it so much that I bought it for my sisters too. Only attracting good positive vibes into my life as I know I am in control!!"
-Marie, United States
You might be thinking..what's the catch?
Now..why are we doing this? We want to ensure that this gem is able to reach as many people as possible to help them with their spiritual pursuit. But...we're unable to give it away for free for a long time so this offer might be withdrawn as soon as our gems are fully redeemed..
We are giving away limited sets for our launch special, offer will cease when fully redeemed.

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